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The law firm of Johnson and Placke has been serving the people and communities of Louisiana for over 35 years.

Founded in 1984, Johnson & Placke has been committed to protecting the rights of their clients.

Building a close relationship with clients helps the firm focus on the goals it strives to enforce through the practice:

* provide fair compensation for those victims we represent
* prevent future misconduct that may cause similar harm to others.

From the day the firm was established, Johnson & Placke, Attorneys has fought hard to accomplish these goals obtaining some of the largest recoveries in Louisiana state history for clients. Johnson & Placke deliberately resists the temptation to grow into a large mega-lawfirm, & limit the size of our firm in order to get to know our clients personally & better represent them. Johnson & Placke maintains a competent staff, invests in the latest technology, & hires well known, respected experts to assist when necessary so clients will never be at a disadvantage when litigating with powerful companies.

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Don H. Johnson
• Graduate of Tulane University School of Law (1970)
• Practiced in numerous fields at every level of state and federal court in Louisiana.
• 1984: Formed Johnson & Placke, Attorneys, with Allan L. Placke, & devoted his time almost exclusively to helping injured victims.
• Tried numerous cases in highly technical areas including 'defective products' litigation
• 1991: Personally spearheaded an investigation which discovered of the cause of a chemical plant explosion in North Louisiana
* Recovered over $52,000,000.00 for clients
* Results of the investigation allowed many other victims in the area to recover over $65,000,000.00 due to dificiencies
* One company's insurance carrier recovered $175,000,000.00 from property loss claims
* Recoveries make this case one of the largest in Louisiana history

Allan L. Placke
• Graduate of L.S.U. School of Law (1972)
• Served in U.S. Army
• U.S. Army Reserve
* Served as a judge on the U.S. Military Courts
* Achieved the rank of Lt. Colonel before retiring in 2000

• 1984: Formed Johnson & Placke, Attorneys, & has devoted his career to assisting innocent injury victims
• Practiced at every level of state and federal courts in Louisiana
• Well known in the highly specialized area of medical malpractice
• Obtained judgments as high $6,000,000.00* for clients
• Won cases using some of the most unique legal theories in Louisiana jurisprudence due to his tenacious and imaginative litigation style

Greg Placke

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